Fields of research

numerical computations | linear and nonlinear dynamical systems | continuous and discontinuous problems of physics | modeling and identification of dynamical systems | visualization of chaos and bifurcations | numerical control and optimization | theory of automation | synchronization of systems | systems of mechatronics | measurements and data acquisition | quantitative and statistical analysis of data series

Pawel Olejnik

About me

I explore fields of various numerical analysis, identification, control and mathematical modeling of dynamical systems. I conduct laboratory classes, lectures and tutorials within the frame of Mechatronics and Automation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Lodz University of Technology (TUL).

Basically, my research work is oriented to the natural sciences like physics, mathematics and mechanics putting special emphasis on numerical computations, optimization, control in continuous and discontinuous dynamical systems, basic experimental modeling and acquisition of signals. Up to now, I spent about one year (from September 2005 to August 2006) in Ireland, working for industry and having a possibility to get practical knowledge about production and design of hydraulic cylinders.

From 2019, I have been employed as Professor of TUL.

In 2013 I received D.Sc. degree in Applied Mechanics from TUL. It was preceded by an issue of the monograph that covered special applications of numerical methods for solution of discontinuous dynamical systems.

In age of 27, in 2002, I received Ph.D. degree, defending my Doctoral Thesis in Applied Mechanics with a distinction of experimental research (reviews). In that time I have designed and run a small research stand bringing to a wider audience an experimentally modelled discontinuous (stick-slip) two degrees-of-freedom mechanical system of a duo-servo drum brake mechanism. Numerical and experimental results of the research were published in scientific journals and presented at a couple of national and international conferences.

Since 2000 with the Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics of TUL. I give lectures in the theory of control, optimization, mechatronics, programming languages like Scilab/Xcos, Java and LabView, I write scientific papers in the field of analysis, control, identification and optimization of nonlinear dynamical systems. Since 2007, every two years, I am a member of organizing committee of the conference on 'Dynamical Systems — Theory and Applications'. In 2009-2015 I co-worked on structure and the didactic program of studies for the specialization of Mechatronics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

In 2000, after 5 years of study at the Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics I received M.Sc.Eng. degree in Computer Physics from TUL.

In 1995, after 5 years of study at the Technical College in Zduńska Wola (Poland) I received the title "Technician in Machining".

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Main achievements

Laboratory stands

The new laboratory for the course "Systems of Mechatronics", see jpg:

Promoter of Ph.D. students

Supervisor of Engineer's and Master's theses

Reviewer of Ph.D. theses

Invited lectures

'An experimental friction force model and some useful numerical experiment' at the invitation of Prof. Klaus Zimmermann from the Department of Technical Mechanics at the Technical University of Ilmenau, 2008, see PDF.

Grants, awards, associations

Reviewer in scientific journals

International Journal of Dynamics and Control (Springer) | Mathematical and Computational Applications (MDPI) | Nonlinear Dynamics (Springer) | Applied Mathematical Modelling (Elsevier) | Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (Elsevier) | Journal of Vibration and Control (Sage) | Journal of Sound and Vibration (Elsevier) | Mathematical Biosciences (Elsevier) | Physics Letters A (Elsevier) | Neural Computing and Applications (Springer) | International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control (Wiley) | International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (De Gruyter) | Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (PTMTS) | Energies (MDPI) | IME, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (Sage) | Algorithms (MDPI) | Sensors (MDPI) | Advances in Mechanical Engineering (Sage) | Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (Wiley) | Meccanica (Springer) | ZAMM (Wiley) | Applied Sciences (MDPI) | Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics (PCz) | Mathematics (MDPI)

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